Do you feel...overwhelmed? Stressed out? Lost? Stuck? Depressed? Sad? Anxious?

And to help yourself…are you trying to improve your life through self help, personal development, health and wellness or spirituality? 

Do you feel like no matter how many “good” or “healthy” things you try to add into your life that you never seem to continue with them?

And that you think there must be something wrong with you or that you are a failure because of that? 

And do you believe that if you were just more dedicated to it, things would finally change?

I too have felt that way and I discovered that by trying to add in self help, personal development, health and wellness and spirituality that I was left feeling more overwhelmed, stressed and disconnected.  I was actually moving further away from the direction I wanted to go. It wasn’t until I divested from these industries that I was able to move closer to who I wanted to be and how I wanted to feel.
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