You Partner on the Journey to Peace & Wellbeing

Thrive Within offers healing and renewal through subconscious imprinting and acupuncture in  the Edmonton area. We also provide virtual subconscious imprinting sessions for virtually  anywhere in the world!  

We believe in being more than just providers of treatment; we work directly alongside our  clients, becoming trusted supporters throughout all of life’s ups and downs. We look forward to  helping you start your journey to peace and wellbeing! 


A Message from Kim Lyle, Founder of Thrive Within  

I still remember the moment when I finally decided things had to change. I sat down on the  couch feeling exhausted, weak, and dejected. I had hit my low point, and I was feeling lost. I  thought, “Is this it? Is this life?” 

What I really wanted from life was purpose, fulfillment, and joy. So, on that day, I made a  commitment to myself to make a change in my life. I started reaching out for support, read  books, and reflected on my childhood, my life, and moments in my life that lead me to this point.  Over time, I started to understand myself, including why I was the way I was.  

On this path, I was lead to a modality called subconscious imprinting. It brought profound  awareness and healing into my life. Over time, it became my sense of purpose, fulfillment, and  joy to share it with anyone who had been feeling the same way I was: Lost, hopeless, breaking. 

Since then, my journey has been a roadmap of ups, downs, starts, and stops – and yours likely  will be too. Nothing is linear. But I know now that I can’t do it on my own. No one can. We all  need support to live our best possible lives. My mission is to be that support for as many people  as I can because I know that it is possible to achieve a life you love living.  

– Kim 


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