I went to see Kim a few months ago for subconscious imprinting treatment and I’m so grateful I did. I was dealing with anxiety depression and honestly had no idea what subconscious imprinting was but it seemed worth a shot.
Kim was extremely helpful with answering any questions that I had and made me feel completely comfortable. After the first session I felt completely different. I went to her feeling like a zombie and left feeling more like myself again. After a couple more sessions, I’m convinced that there isn’t anything that she can’t help with! Not only was she professional, but she also cares about her clients as she consistently checked in with me after my sessions to see how I was doing and also to give me other tips and ideas to help me continue to feel the best that I could.
Going to see Kim was one of the best choices I could have made, and I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you Kim!
– I.V

I have been a client of Kim’s for over a year now.
For many of my adult years I have suffered from anxiety and depression. In that time I have seen many counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists in both the community and at an addiction treatment center. In that time I have gotten better and worse at various points. In those years I used individual and group therapy, hypnosis, AA, NA, Smart Recovery,EMDR, acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise, religion, etc. All of which are really helpful in dealing with your problems, but eventually I found these means of dealing with problems not as effective. There were still residual thoughts and feelings that were affecting me. I needed something else to help and that’s when I tried subconscious imprinting.

I have to be honest, when I first met Kim for an assessment I really didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous and self conscious. Kim was so great! Her non judgemental, soft approach set me at ease. The treatment in my view, scrapes at all the residual trauma that gets imprinted on you
throughout your life. The trauma dealt with any session gets disclosed verbally by the participant, but also the participant’s body. Kim uses a combination of talk therapy and physical assessment to best deal with the given trauma.

For myself, the effects of the treatment were felt both immediately, and between 3-14 days after. It is the absence of persistent, bothersome thoughts and feelings now that I use to gage how well I’m doing. I’m not perfect now by any means, but I’m good with where I am at.
– D.S

Kim has been working with me for a few months now. I initially went to see her for mental issues as well as physical. I was literally feeling hopeless. I had tried everything from prescribed drugs including steroid injections and nothing was working. In fact it’s made it worse. Now a few short
months later I am starting to feel a lot less pain. As well as feeling my mental issues starting to shift in the right direction. I will continue to work with Kim. For the first time in a very long time I am starting to feel progress!
– S.B

My Subconscious Imprinting session with Kim was absolutely amazing! She quickly identified the root cause of the problem and guided me through the entire session. I felt amazing after and will be returning!
I highly recommend going to see her! She is a beyond knowledgeable practitioner, and will go above and beyond to address all of you.
– J.L

Kim is an incredible healer. Insightful and effective. Kind and efficient. I could not recommend Kim and her practice more to anyone needing to heal. She quickly gets to the root of the problem and helps you deal with it. Love this incredible approach to healing.
– M.A

I began going to Kim based on a referral from a colleague and my experience has been fantastic. Going through the body mapping and subconscious imaging process with Kim has helped immensely in being able to deal with anxiety in a variety of situations and has allowed me to perform better professionally.
I would highly recommend her service to anyone!
– C.W

Kim has helped me release so much tension and negativity, and my son’s anxiety. After seeing Kim once, my red hot temper subsided. I no longer flew off the handle at the smallest things and I was all around more calm. I’ve seen here a few times since then to work on other issues, and they all have gotten better.

My son was diagnosed as ADD and with Generalized Anxiety Disorder at 8. He struggled in school and had an insane meltdown when asked to go find his step-dad at the arena who was right inside the front doors, but didn’t make it there. I took him to Kim after seeing the results I got and about a week after he missed the bus at school and had to ride a different one. This was a completely different kid. Before he would have been panicking, stressed about not knowing where to go, and asking me to go pick him up. Instead, he calmly said i’ll just take this other bus, and where do I have to go after I get off? He got honors in Social last year, and this year is getting A’s in Math. I’m unsure where this new kids came from. but I give all my thanks to Kim.
– C.M

I have seen Kim for a two SIT sessions and was surprised by the things that Kim was able to uncover. Things I was definitely not consciously aware of. Kim has a special way of finding out what is buried in your subconscious and helping you let go and move past it. She was able to explain how our bodies feel and what to notice when processing and healing from emotions. Something that I had no idea about. Kim has had made a huge positive impact on my healing journey. I can’t thank you enough Kim.
– C.G

I am truly grateful for having met Kim, the healing that she’s offered and the space that she’s held for me – it’s unbelievable really. She’s given me access to my life again – I can’t even describe how truly grateful I am.
– C.S

I have been struggling with knee pain from an old injury turned arthritic for a number of years. A close friend suggested that I give Kim a call and book a subconscious imprinting/acupuncture session. Having nothing to lose and being interested in the process I visited Kim and experienced significant pain reduction after just one visit.

Through muscle testing, acupuncture and subconscious imprinting Kim helped me let go of past injustices my body felt it needed to hold onto. The subconscious release process and further self reflection post treatment has led me to feeling renewed confidence and less residual pain in my injured joints. If you’re facing chronic pain, stress or lack of motivation – subconscious imprinting may well give you the shift you need!
– W.L

I first went to Kim to see if she could help me with my weight issues. Once I started working with her I discovered how much she could help me with anxiety and depression which were the deeper root of the problem. Kim has incredible insight and has helped me find and unpack mental baggage I didn’t even know I was still carrying around. Once unpacked, she helped me acknowledge it and let it go. Kim is a truly gifted person and is very passionate about what she does. I now start every day feeling energized and positive and I know I have her to thank for that!
– C. R

Kim is amazing at what she does. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable and constantly amazes me with what she discovers during the Subconscious imprinting. She creates a safe and professional environment where one feels instantly welcome. Kim has helped me grow and heal on many levels and I always look forward to our next session. I would highly recommend her services.
– T. D

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