Subconscious Imprinting

Create Harmony Within Yourself

Repression is the adversary of harmony. We are taught often in life to ignore or “get past” issues.  If we are struggling, we repress it, believing that if we do so, we can keep moving through life  unharmed. While things may improve for a short time, the change isn’t lasting, and as it fades,  we begin to struggle again. 

Subconscious imprinting understands the body in a very different way. Instead of constantly  repressing what we feel (even if it’s overwhelming), we can explore and understand those  feelings. As a result, we come to learn more about ourselves and how we can achieve all the  feelings we desperately want to have: Belonging, worthiness, happiness, excitement, love, safety,  connection, purpose.  

What Are You Carrying with You Through Life?  

We go through our lives carrying everything that has happened to us. The family we grew up in,  the culture and society we grew up in, our personal experiences—all of this impacts who we  have become, who we believe we are, and how we feel and act.  

Most people carry heavy burdens through their lives, such as:  

  • Cycles of guilt & shame  
  • Limiting beliefs about ourselves 
  • The expectation that we can “just get over it” 
  • Traumatic events & their lasting repercussions 
  • Loss of identity  
  • Unhealthy or harmful patterns of behaviour 

How Subconscious Imprinting Works 

Was there a moment in time that shifted your entire being? For some people, it can be a traumatic  event, but for others, it could be a seemingly small or insignificant moment or a series of  moments.  

These moments can have paralyzing effects, forcing us to believe something about ourselves or  the world around us without the opportunity to examine that belief. They become imprinted in  our bodies, which don’t process events with logic, but with feeling. This makes the symptoms  (such as pain and illness) difficult to overcome. 

Subconscious imprinting goes to the root issue, brings it to the surface, and allows your body to  process and release whatever it has been holding onto.  

Arriving at Understanding and Transformation  

Subconscious imprinting has two components: Understanding or awareness is the first. As we  begin to move through your history, you’ll experience “aha!” moments that help you understand  the connection between then and now. This awareness will empower you to make different  decisions as you move forward.  

The second component is energetic healing. Transformation doesn’t happen with awareness  alone. These repressed emotions, events, beliefs are stored in your body. No amount of mindset  work or logical thinking will remove these from your body. The energetic healing during a SIT  session is what allows your body to move forward and be free. 

Subconscious Imprinting and Acupuncture in Edmonton, St. Albert, and the Surrounding Areas

Thrive Within offers virtual Subconscious Imprinting sessions to anywhere in the world. In person Subconscious Imprinting and Acupuncture sessions are conveniently located in St. Albert, Alberta, only minutes from Edmonton. We can’t wait to meet you virtually or in person.